Peaceful Winds – Sober Living



Our dedicated staff provides a safe comfortable environment with the support, guidance, nurturing and structure necessary for transition from addiction treatment to a true sober independent lifestyle. Many of our activities help to maintain a sense of spiritual connection to the Native American heritage and cultural customs.


Wendy standing in the open door of Peaceful Winds Sober Living and Wellbriety house
As the visionary behind Peaceful Winds Sober Living Facility, Wendy Kane RAS (Registered Addiction Specialist), MA has over 25 years in the field of Substance Abuse and Addiction. In addition, Wendy has worked with San Diego County’s most recognized Programs/Agencies, and with the most difficult populations, (i.e. incarcerated men and women, parolees, those who chronically relapse and individuals in complete denial). Wendy has lead and overseen Family Interventions, counsels individuals in her private practice, and is knowledgeable of the history and complex problems that face our Native American Culture today.

"Peaceful Winds is not just another Sober Living Facility. In addition to a beautiful home and serene environment, Peaceful Winds specializes in raising each and every clients' self-esteem while reconnecting with their Native American Customs and Culture," said Wendy Kane.


"We’re all brothers and sisters who are meant to help each other. Peaceful Winds is a very spiritual place to help you get back on your feet."   –Harris Lovato
The house manager, harris, standing in front of a tree near the firepit.
Harris Lovato is originally from the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Born and raised in the Northern part of New Mexico, Harris grew up near the 'four corners.' He has been sober for nearly a decade and as the Peaceful Winds House Manager, Harris wants to pass along what he has learned to help the next generation start a good journey for themselves. "It is possible to get clean and sober and be an example to the rest of the native nations. You must look deep inside yourself to figure out who you are. The Creator would want you to be a good person and live a good life in a good way," states Harris Lovato. He believes that one must stay strong and that it's okay to get support and strength from each other.





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